Monday, 24 March 2008

Mora Sajna

This is my fourth composition. As usual the audio quality is not great; actually had a very hard time recording this one (because of software bugs). Also it has something to do with my audio-visual "management skills" (someone would get the pun, I am sure :D). I am giving the lyrics here:

Dekho aaye na, mora sajna
Tarsat ankhiyaan, beetaaye raina..

Nit chedh jaaye, jaaye sakhiyaan
Raakh si kaali, kaali ratiyaan,
Birha ki aag lagaye re,
Dekho aaye na, mora sajna...

Jaagi si aankhon mein chaand jaage,
Soyi si palkon ko kaun jagaye,
Kaise bhool jaawun piya ki wo batiyaan
Yaad mohe sataye re,

Dekho aaye na, mora sajna.

Click on the link below, or on the first video bar on the top right.