Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Aspirational India and the Ruses of History

It is about time that we at least start questioning this separation of the political and the social. The mainstream media needs to put the social in the dock. The people who lynched Akhlaq were possibly his neighbours and co-villagers. The people who spoke about the Taj and Aurangzeb road were also from amongst us. The social around us is not a mute receptor of political evil. And the intelligentsia needs to more proactively connect, question and engage with the views of the social than being wryly dismissive. They need to go beyond the meaningful but symbolic gesture of protest; with the momentum their collective action has generated so far, they must devise a more sustained engagement with the social. Full piece here

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Forget the History Wars, it’s Time We Debated How and Whom to Commemorate

India must give importance not only to ‘eminent’ personalities from the past and present but must also be open to integrating marginal and subaltern figures in the commemorative pantheon. Full piece here